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The designs for Coromon are pretty varied in their appearance, and their source and inspiration are equally as varied. Today, we’re going to take a look through the Coromon that are currently available to use in the publicly available build of the game, and sort through some of the most badass appearing Coromon to raise some awareness of some of the available ‘mons to capture that you might not have run into yet in your playthough.

Number 10 – Megalobite

Whilst the starts in Coromon are created pretty equal, with their stat distributions making each pick a viable one for your playthrough, it’s hard to deny just how badass Megalobite looks. It’s a giant land-shark, with jacked hammerhead arms. He’s even got a fin-ring. Simply for his badass appearance, Megalobite get’s a place on this list at number ten.

Number 9 – Hountrion

I don’t think there has even been a depiction of the fabled ceberus that has failed to look badass, and Hountrion is no exception. It’s a three headed hound, that conducts electricity. Do you need to know much more than that to figure out why it makes the ‘badass’ list?

Well if you do, you should know that Hountrion has a monsterous special attack stat, one of the best ‘Perfect Potential’ appearances in the game, and access to three different traits!

Number 8 – Armadon

He’s a bipedal armadillo that is unmovable in defense. Seriously, if you’re looking for a badass looking physical tank for your time, you’re going to have a hard time thinking of a better candidate than Armadon.

Armadon’s flavor text even includes the armor that covers it’s ears! You know something is going to be hard to kill when it even has armor on it’s ears – that’s badass.

Number 7 – Rhynobuz

Another Coromon design that is knocked out of the park. Not only is the spirtework amazing, but the animation includes the conductivity between the notes on Rhynobuz’s back.

It’s a giant Hercules-Beetle that can electrocute things with the conductors on it’s back. If that doesn’t sound badass to you, well I can’t think of anything that will.

Number 6 – Gelaquad

Think Chaos from sonic and combine it with a kraken-squid and you’re left with the water-type Coromon in Gelaquad. The second water-type to make this list and you can see why. Just when you think you’re safe, Gelaquad has yet another arm – it’s not safe to go back into the water.

We’re yet unaware of Gelaquad’s stat distribution, but he has one badass looking sprite, and if the stats match how cool his ‘Potent’ and ‘Perfect’ form sprites are, Gelaquad is going to be a powerhouse.

Number 5 – Skelatops

It’s a skeleton wearing dragon/dinosaur. It’s all the best parts of Skullgreymon, Marowak and an Indominus Rex. You’re combining the most badass part of several fandoms and you’re left with Skelatops.

It might not have the best eyesight, what with the skull covering the vast majority of it’s face, but you don’t need to see things when you look that cool. Not to mention that the ‘Potent’ version is black, also the coolest color.

Did I mention it’s physical attack stat? It’s disgustingly good.

Number 4 – Grimmask

If you don’t think that Grimmask looks terrifying, you must be the most unfeeling, brave, robot person who has ever existed. To look at Grimmask is to know that you’re going to be in for a hell of a time.

The stat distribution for Grimmask is yet to be revealed, but if the Coromon is as potent as it’s in game cry, those battling this masked demon aren’t going to be around to tell the tale.

Number 3 – Tweegon

It’s a snake/dragon/basilisk/cubelios made from ice. It doesn’t get much ‘cooler’ than that. Not only does Tweegon have an amazing design, it’s a legendary ice Coromon that is so renown and feared within the lore, that is has it’s own title – The Frozen One.

Not only does Tweegon have an amazingly badass normal design, but much like Frieza, when Tweegon is in it’s ‘Perfect’ potential state, this ice dragon becomes golden in color.

Number 2 – Otogy

Otogy might be small, but that doesn’t mean this little critter is to be underestimated in the badass factor. I mean, it’s a two-headed demon with a giant eyeball for a torso and a ghost-type Coromon based on Japanese folklore – one of the better designs in the entirety of the game.

It’s flavor text reads:
“Otogy’s real eye is said to cause nightmares to whoever stares in it for too long.”

Yeah, now you understand why Otogy gets such a high place within the badass list, combined with the spritework.

Number 1 – Eclyptor

Wolves and dragons are always staples in the fantasy genre, and often wolves take the center stage for how badass the designs of a series are. And guess what, Coromon is no exception. Eclyptor is a badass looking Wolf who carries around the weight of the moon as it’s collar.

The entirety of the Lunarpup line has amazing spritework and designs, and as the final evolution, Eclyptor takes the cake. Not to mention it sharing a name with a badass Sentai villain.

That’s all without mentioned it’s stat distribution. Eclyptor has great overall stats, with a more than potent special attack stat. But, if you’re looking to mix things up and have a diverse mixed attacker, you can do a lot worse than the moon-pup.

But wait, there’s more! Eclyptor has access to three different traits, and all of them are really impactful, and accentuate the Coromon greatly:

  • Gravity Pull – This Coromon has such a big mass that it has a 25% chance to prevent opponents from switching out
  • Menacing – Lower the opponent’s Attack with an intimidating appearance.
  • Dark Atmosphere – The Coromon starts twilight upon entering a battle.

For all this, Eclyptor gains our number one spot.

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