48 Games Published by Freedom Games (and counting!)

Freedom Games hand-picks great indie games and publishes on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation!

Click the timecodes to see our Spring 2022 showcase, especially our cute animation at 25:36 🙂

GameCute animationGameGameplayBehind the scenes
Sands of Aura0:471:002:523:15
Broken Pieces7:377:488:169:35
Retreat To Enen12:2612:3712:5013:14
Monster Tribe17:2017:3417:4318:43
One More Island25:3625:4925:5626:59
Symphony of War30:2830:3731:2632:23
Monster Outbreak35:2735:3835:5236:46
Neon Blight39:0139:4539:18
They Are Coming40:4739:49
Mail Time41:3840:52
9 Years of Shadows42:3241:51
Tyrant’s Blessing43:1142:45
Critter Crops45:0944:33
One Lonely Outpost46:4145:18
City of Beats47:2946:52
Puzzles for Clef48:0247:37
Monorail Stories49:0248:07

Each game is carefully chosen where Freedom Games adds meaningful value to the game developer, such as:

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48 games published by Freedom Games

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Fully launchedLaunched in Early AccessNot launched yet
Airborne KingdomBlood And Zombies9 Years of Shadows
AnuchardOuterverseAgainst All Odds
Cat Cafe ManagerSands of AuraBroken Pieces
Clouzy!City of Beats
CoromonCritter Crops
Dark DeityDeath Drive
DreamscaperDust Fleet
Guardians of HyeloreGood Heavens
Jetboard JoustHello Goodboy
Neon BlightHumanitZ
Nibiru: Uncharted PlanetLunarLux
One More IslandMail Time
Retreat To EnenMars Base
Ruin RaidersMonorail Stories
Sky FleetMonster Outbreak
Symphony of WarMonster Tribe
They Are ComingOne Lonely Outpost
To The Rescue!Puzzles for Clef
Wounded – The BeginningTerracotta
Tracks of Thought
Tyrant’s Blessing
Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire


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