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Simply put, the weapon forge is the greatest and most fun that I’ve had with Sands of Aura. The game boasts of numerous possibilities for weapon crafting with thousands of possible combinations and I’m here to tell you that that boast not only is bang on, but is where I’ve found the most fun within the game.

With hundreds of weapon components to be reclaimed from the crumbled remains of civilization, there are thousands of unique weapons to be forged. Find the hilt that fits just right.

Weapon Forge

Throughout the dungeons, you’re going to pick up bits and pieces towards crafting weapons and given their description, you might get the idea that these components are designed to be forged into a specific weapon and the attributes they imbue your weapon with. I’m here to tell you that this is not the case. There are no restrictions whatsoever in the creation of weapons.

There are four component types within Sands of Aura: Style, Handle, Blade and Pommel. Like I mentioned, all of these can be freely combined to create weapons that are unique to your preference and you can create some insanely interesting and useful combinations. I’m going to throw out some particular examples but in truth, the range of these is so insanely large, with so many different combinations, that nothing I can come up with is going to do justice to the level of customization that is available at the weapon forge.

Say, for example, that you like the idea of playing like a Dragoon-type character. You want to use a long weapon like a Glaive, but you also want some ranged attacks. How do you achieve this? Weapon forge! Projectile augments like throwing daggers can be used on any weapon, including our Glaive example. Suddenly, we’ve augmented our preferred weapon with an extra ranged attack, we’ve also bumped up our haste and stamina through stats, and we’re jumping around enemies dealing massive and crazy-fun damage.

I might sound like a broken record, but the fact that there are no restrictions on your combinations makes crafting in this game so rewarding and interesting. Sands of Aura rewards experimentation, and this is an extremely deep way to achieve that and to find a play-style that is exactly your preference.

Combine the runes that augment your gear’s stats to complement your play-style. For this Dragoon example, we’re thinking haste and stamina regeneration, then forge the perfect weapon enabling you to still deal damage at arm’s length, and you’re knee-deep in the RPG elements of this ARPG.

Armor & Weapon Upgrades

The weapon crafting isn’t the only useful and interesting component to the forge as you will also be able to improve the weapons that you craft, and the armor that you receive throughout the game. You will notice throughout your playthrough that as you quest and slay, you will be rewarded with two blue and green gem resources; these can be spent at the forge to improve your arsenal with the weapon and armor upgrade systems.

Want to keep on top of the stats upgrades that you’ve imbued your armor with, along with the associated runes, and their natural stats? The armor upgrade tab under the Forge will provide the answer! You can see here that upgrading the Steel Helm increases the statistics that the armor comes with, with the optional rune slots and the set information as well. Become more durable, and keep your gear relevant, as you dive deeper and deeper into the Sands of Aura World.

Weapons work much the same, obviously. Their stats swap over to your relevant offensive components such as your damage and penetration. And what’s better than crafting the perfect weapon for your play-style with fun and interesting augmentations? Taking their power up to eleven with the weapon upgrading system in the forge of course!

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