Battle of Wits – Coromon Quest Guide

The region of Velua within Coromon is filled with colorful characters and creatures, and as the player ventures throughout the region they will encounter NPC’s that will give them challenges and quests that are not related to the overall plot of the game. These side-quests provide the player with unique or potent rewards for their completion. This is the battle of Wits guide!

Today we’re going to have a look at one of the quests available in the second city that the player with venture to, in Hayville. This quest is available once the player has assisted Perrin with his Beezel problem, and received the gauntlet modules as a reward.

The player will first need head toward in the library in Hayville, which is in the south-western corner of the village. Within the library building there is an NPC Jebediah who is our quest giver. Interacting with the NPC will trigger the ‘Battle of Wits’ quest, wherein the player will need to answer a series of questions asked by Jebediah correct – 12 in total, from a large pool of questions. Which ones he asks you will be random, but we’re going to go over the answers here:

  • Trainers may not catch Coromon Owned by another trainer? – True
  • Poison is very effective against? – Normal
  • Ghost is very effective against? – Ghost
  • Cut is very effective again? – Electric
  • How many types are there? – 13
  • There are types which can only be found in skills? – True
  • Normal is very effective again? – Nothing
  • A trainer may only carry five Coromon at a time? – False
  • How many Potential value variations are there? – 21
  • Air is very effective against? – Fire
  • Coromon of different Potential can differ in appearance only? – False
  • Water is very effective against? – Fire
  • Speed stat of a Coromon determines its critical hit chance? – False
  • How many types can be found in Velua? – 13
  • Damage dealt is always determined by the Attack stat? – False
  • How many Coromon are currently known to exist in Velua? – 118
  • A trainer challenges you to a battle, you must? – Accept
  • Fire is very effective against? – Ice

With Jebediah’s Battle of Wits questions answered correctly, the player will have completed the quest and will be reward with two items. The first is a fashion accessory item – the Bookworm Headgear. The second is a Lazy Gem, which allows Coromon that do not participate in battle to gain experience regardless.

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