Beezel Breakout – Coromon Quest Guide

Continuing in our coverage of the available quests in Coromon, we’re going to take a look at the “Beezel Breakout” quest. This one is available directly after finishing the “Battle of Wits” side-quest in Hayville. Once the player has finished with the prerequisite quest, the player can either interact with Beth or she’ll be a forced interaction once the player leaves Perrin’s home.

You’ll have noticed that there are several Beezels scattered through Hayville as you explore, and Beth will explain that a trainer had left them behind when traveling through Hayville and asks that you deal with the Beezel nuisance and stop the havoc they’ve been causing.

The Beezel are all level eight and none of them are catch-able. They do have the ability to roll high potential, but despite this, spinners can’t be used against them. Their locations are:

  • Just left of the water well opposite the library.
  • Within the pumpkin and corn farm in the middle of town.
  • Inside the residence opposite the farm.
  • Along the path toward the eastern exit of the town.
  • On the secondary part of the farms, to the north-eastern part of town.
  • The last one is behind Perrin’s home.

With all six defeated, the player can return to Beth to complete the quest and receive the reward, which is a “Stinky Disk”. If the player equips the Stinky Disk to the first member of their party, this will repel wild encounters.

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