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If you’re familiar with the terminology of IV’s and EV’s in the Pokemon series, then potential is going to look very familiar. When encountering a Coromon with the prospect for you to capture it, that critter with have a unseen value for their Potential. The range for this Potential is from 1 to 21 – we’ll call this value the ‘Potential Value’ or ‘PV’.

That Potential Value is what will determine the color scheme for your Coromon, but also how many ‘Potential Points’ they will gain through their leveling. These Potential Points can be spend to boost the base stats of your Coromon. Got a special attacker that always goes second? Use their Potential Points to boost up that speed stat, or double down on their special attack!

The higher that a Coromon’s Potential Value (PV) is, the more often that you will get to spend Potential Points to boost their stats.

The Potential Value system is broken down into three catagories, and your Coromon will slot into one of these three depending on their PV:

Standard Potential

If their PV is 1-16 they are considered ‘Standard’.

Toruga in the ‘Standard Appearance’

Potent Potential

If their PV is 17-20 they are considered ‘Potent’, and will have an altered appearance.

Toruga in the ‘Potent Appearance’

Perfect Potential

If their PV is 21 they are considered ‘Perfect’, and will have an altered appearance to that of either Standard or Potent.

Toruga in the ‘Perfect Appearance’

If you’re wondering how you can read a specific Coromon’s PV without relying simply on the range of their appearance to narrow it down, you can use the Potential Reader or Battle Reader, and you will be able to see their Potential Value in the Coromon’s stat screen.

Enhancing Potential

Don’t fret if you have a Coromon that you really like, but their potential is on the brink of becoming Potent or even Perfect, because there is a way to artificially enhance their potential – though this option has it’s limits.

On the Donar Island’s Trainer Hub upper floor, you boost the potential of your Coromon with the Potentiflator. This can only be done once per Coromon, and there is a 500 gold fee involved. Using the Potentiflator will increase the PV of your Coromon by at least 1 value. There is a chance that the PV will increase by more than one, and this increased the lower the current PV of your Coromon is. Good luck!

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