Spinner Problems – Coromon Quest Guide

Coromon takes the role-playing part of the monster-capture genre, and adds plenty of it’s own flair to the formula. This includes adding side-quests alongside the main narrative. These quests are often given out by the NPC characters found through the region of Velua, and offer the player unique rewards to using their time to aid the inhabitants of a specific area.

Jerome and his supervisor in Radiant Park.

Today we’re going to have a look at the quest given to the player in ‘Radiant Park’. The quest is called Spinner Problems, and is given to the player by an NPC by the name of Jerome within Radiant Park. To recieve the quest, the player will need interact with Jerome once they leave the ‘Lux Solis Campus’.

Interacting with the quest-giving NPC will give the player some dialogue about how Jerome is struggling in his attempts to capture a Coromon. He will then prompt the player to capture a Coromon for him, so that he show the capture off to his nearby supervisor.

Once you have captured a nearby Coromon, the player can return to Jerome to advance the quest. Jerome will thank the player for capturing a Coromon on his behalf. He let’s the player know that his supervisor will be thrilled, and the captured Coromon will be removed the player’s party to be shown to the supervisor.

When Jerome shows the Coromon off to his supervisor, he’ll be scolded for not capturing the critter himself. With that complete, Jerome will return the captured Coromon to the player, and thank you for your efforts despite his supervisors displeasure – this will complete the quest.

The reward for the quest’s completed is x2 Silver Spinners, which have a higher chance of capturing a Coromon than the regular Spinner.

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