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If you’re looking at the Coromon that are available in the game right now, and thinking there are so many choices, however will you decide which ones will make the cut in your final team as your finish up in your adventure through Velua, then fear not. Today, we’re going to have a look at some of the most potent and powerful Coromon that you can capture, and give you our highlights for the must-try critters:

Number 10 – The Starters


These guys are likely to stick around in your team for the entirety of your playthrough, and as far as the elemental options, they rank really highly against their competitors. Not only are each of the starters a great statistical decision against their elemental competitors throughout the game, they also have the perfect availability due to the auto-recruit of the encounter.


With their recruitment you can cross of one elemental type covering from your list of necessity. Whilst it is true that Bearealis and Megalobite do have an advantage over Volcadon due either their typing or their access to the move ‘Splash’. This doesn’t mean that taking Volcadon as your start is a bad decision, as you’re not going to be constantly encountering the other starts for choosing Volcadon. However, if you’re playing against your friends and trying to decide which starter to take, the ones will splash have a big advantage over the on that doesn’t – hint, hint.

Number 9 – Dugterra

Dugterra earns the number nine spot on this list for it’s disgustingly high physical attack stat. Whilst it is true that sand unfortunately had some poor defenses and it’s typing doesn’t help, you don’t need to worry about defending if you’re going first and killing your opponent in one attack anyway. That is where Dugterra comes in. It’s fast, it hits like a truck, and you’re going to be marveling at it’s physical attack stat growths compared to that of the other members of your team.

Dugterra takes the phrase ‘the best defense is a good offence’ and turns it up to eleven.

Number 8 – Pitterbyte

This little guy might not be the first image the pops into your head when you think of a chunky Coromon, but let me tell you – he is! The little rocket-bug just refuses to die. It will not be felled by bug-spray or just about anything else a Coromon can throw his way. Why do I say this? Whelp, the little guy has an enormous HP stat allocation, and some pretty decent defenses to go along with it.

Whilst his defenses aren’t the best in the field, combined with the sheer level of health that Pitterbyte has naturally, and you’re left with a little critter that can just keep on taking beatings.

If you’re looking for a generalized tank, this is your pick.

Number 7 – Magmilus

I’m placing Magmilus on this list for many of the same reasons that Pitterbyte made the list, they’re both fantastic tanks. Whereas Pitterbyte is a generalized tank that specialized neither in physical or special, but a bit of both with it’s high HP and general defenses, Magmilus specializes.

Magmilus is a specialized special tank. With almost as high of a HP stat as Pitterbyte, but with a much enhanced special defense stat – it’s also pretty quick!

If you’re anticipating the income of some special attacks, swap to Magmilus and laugh them off!

Number 6 – Purrghast

You’ve likely heard of the expression, ‘Screw the rules I have money’ and Purrghast takes a very similar approach in Coromon. Not in that it will earn you extra gold for using, but for it’s approach to battles. Purrghast approach is, ‘Screw the rules, I have special attack.

Pretty much regardless of what you’re going up against typing or defense wise, Purrghast can ignore it with it’s otherwordly special attack stat.

If you’re looking for a glass canon that nuke any enemy, this is your cat.

Number 5 – Magnamire

Whilst it is true that Magnamire has excellent stats, and is going to be difficult to kill, and deal out plenty of damage with it’s potent physical attack stat, those great statistics are not the only reason that Magnamire is on the list.

It’s for his great utility, as Magnamire has access to four different traits. That’s right, four! And each of them providing plenty of potential utility. You cannot really go wrong with any of the four options, so there isn’t any disappointment to be found when rolling a specific one.

You’ll either get:

  • Lowering the speed stat of an opponent when making contact
  • A 20% chance to inflict the haze status affliction when battling
  • A 50% chance to return failed capture spinners
  • a 25% chance to prevent the opponent from switching or fleeing

Whilst those utility factors are not as potent as the later Coromon on the list, the sheer number of options that you can have with Magnamire will have you thanking yourself for using one on your playthrough.

Number 4 – Eclyptor

Our wolfyboi is on the list for many of the same reasons that the cat in Purrghast is. He’s a special attacking monster. But there are a few differences between the two. For begginers, Eclyptor is mighty fast. It’s going to be a very rare case when you’re not going first in battle, and what does defense matter if you’re going first and killing your opponent.

The second difference and one of the key reasons that Eclyptor is higher up on this list, is that he has access to the trait:

Dark Atmosphere – The Coromon starts twilight upon entering a battle.

Having this trait instantly reduces the accuracy of your foe by 10% just for not being a ghost type. Thus making our fast glass cannon more likely to survive a return fire, if that return fire isn’t connecting.

Number 3 – Lumasect

Lumasect is a bit of a jack of all trades, except that it is really, really fast. Like, insanely fast. Like, you cannot go second with an appropriately leveled Lumasect.

Naturally that speed alone is not going to net Lumasect a place on this list, so we’re going to have to delve into it’s attack type availability and one of it’s traits.

We’re going to need a Lumasect with the ‘Amplified’ trait. This ability will increase the damage of every super effective attack that Lumasect lands. This, combined with the vast variety in Lumasect’s natural movepool, combine for a fast attack that can handle a huge variety of typing’s in its foes.

Number 2 – Malavite

Simply put, Malavite is the utlimate tank Coromon in every single way. It has amazing stats in both defenses, and whilst the Sand type might be susceptible to some weaknesses in typing, Malavite’s combination of stats and trait mean that it can pretty much ignore whatever is going on around it – as it evident by it’s vacant expression.

Malavite’s trait allows it to reduce the damage done by critical hits by 25%, which gives it a huge leg-up on the only weakness that applies to all tank-like Coromon within the game.

This isn’t the only leg-up that Malavite has on other tank-like Coromon, as most of them sacrifice their attack and special attack to have larger defenses and health pools. This is not the case here, as Malavite has a monstrous physical attack stat. This isn’t some helpless golem only able to take attacks and not dish them out, this guy is going to put on the hurt when his turn rolls around.

Number 1 – Chonktoad

Chonktoad is a fantastic Coromon for gaining the legup in a battle through methods that aren’t directly attacking. He’s a great utility Coromon! If you’re anticipating a long battle, or you’re struggling with a specific trainer against a specific team, then Chonktoad likely holds the answer somewhere in it’s kit.

Why do I say this? Because Chonktoad has an excellent selection of talents that are going to provide huge utility regardless of which one your particular Chonktoad rolls with:

Humidifier – The Coromon makes it rain upon entering a battle.
Excellent for setting up a rain team. If you’re crushing enemies with powered up water attacks that deal an extra 50% damage each turn, and you can keep the rain up by swapping on Chonktoad when necessary – you will quickly come to appreciate the Chonkyboi.

Toxic Skin – The Coromon has a toxic skin. Any contact with it has a 50% chance to poison the attacker.
Having trouble with a specific Coromon? Or getting owned by a trainer’s ace Coromon? Swap in your Chonktoad, absorb plenty of hits with his longevity and be constantly whittling down the enemy health bar thanks to toxic skin.

Prepared – The Coromon is always prepared for a battle, doubling its Speed upon entering a battle.
Perhaps not as potent as a utility as your other two options for a trait, but the speed can really help you finish off low-health enemies that would otherwise outspeed and tarnish your teams overall health.

It’s for all this combined that makes Chonktoad the perfect utility Coromon, earning it’s place.

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