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What are traits in Coromon? Great question, glad you asked. Traits are the potential for your Coromon to be capture with an additional ability, that is set aside from your skills. This ability will be seen on their stats screen, and each individual Coromon will have access to specific traits that are based on their design and utility. There is some cross-over between different Coromon and different traits, but no Coromon will have access or all traits, nor more than three options for their traits, at this stage.

It is important to note also, that just because a Coromon and their species has access to a specific trait, or set of traits, that does not mean that they will actually have that trait when you capture them. It is entirely possible to catch a Coromon that has multiple traits available, only for that individual to have neither.

As such, if you’re catching the same type of Coromon several times to ensure that the one that will make the cut in your party will have a good Potential Stat, it is worthwhile ensuring that they have access to their trait(s) also. Good luck!

Today we’re going to have a look over each of the Traits that are available in the game currently, and take a look at your changes of obtaining a specific trait when capturing a Coromon.

Available Traits

AmplifiedSuper Effective Attacks deal 25% extra damage.
AntidoteThe Coromon builds up an antidote over time which can cure Squad members from poison.
BraveThis coromon is so brave that it can not be affected by curse.
Bright LightThe Coromon emanates a bright light, blocking Twilight and lighting up caves.
CaffeinatedThe Coromon has more SP available.
Clean RetreatThe Coromon is cured of all status problems when returned to its Spinner.
Clumsy PowerIncrease the Power of its attacks by 25%, but reduce accuracy by 10%.
ComebackWhen its HP drops below 25%, the Coromon makes a comeback, increasing its attack.
ConductorThe coromon charges when hit by an Electric attack, increasing its Speed.
CowardWhen the Coromon receives a critical hit, it cowers and increases its Defense 2 stages.
Dark AtmosphereThe Coromon starts twilight upon entering a battle.
EscapistThis Coromon never fails to escape from a wild Coromon.
Fully RestedWhen the Coromon has full HP, any damage is reduced by 40%.
Good AimPhysical skills hit the right spot, increasing critical hit damage by 50%.
Gravity PullThis Coromon has such a big mass that it has (a) 25% chance to prevent opponents from switching out or fleeing.
HoarderThe Coromon sometimes hoards items it finds lying around the battlefield.
Inner FireThe Coromon has an inner fire burning so hot, that it cannot be frozen.
LuckyThis Coromon is so lucky that it has an increased chance to critical hit.
MagneticWhen a Spinner fails to catch a wild Coromon, this Coromon tries to pull back the Spinner to the trainer with a 50% chance of success.
MenacingThe Coromon intimidate is opponent, lowering it Attack. Outside of battle it has a chance to repel wild Coromon which are much weaker.
MolterThe Coromon sheds its skin after each round, giving it 30% chance to cure status problems.
MotivatedUpon defeating the opponent, the Coromon gets motivated and raises its Attack and Sp. Attack.
OverclockerIf the opponent has higher Attack, the Coromon overclocks its own Attack to match it.
RobberThe spoils go to the victor. Steal some extra gold when defeating an opponent.
Sharp ClawsIts claws are so sharp that lowering its Attack is impossible.
SlipperyThis slippery Coromon has an increased chance to dodge status changing moves.
Static BodyBecause of its static body, attackers making contact have a chance to get shocked.
Sticky LayerThe sticky layer of the Coromon lowers the Speed of an attacker making contact.
StinkyThe Coromon’s stinky scent has a 20% chance to make the opponent hazy. Outside of battle it has a chance to repel wild Coromon.
StrategistWhen the Coromon moves later than its target, it strategically finds weak spots and attacks with double Crit chance.
SupersensoryThe Coromon raises its most proficient stat when one of its stats is lowered.
Thick SkinIts thick skin makes the Coromon immune to critical hits.
VaccinatedThe Coromon is vaccinated, which makes it immune to poison.
VegetarianFruit is healthy. The Coromon restores 20% HP when consuming Fruit.

Trait Probability

Like I mentioned there are several Coromon that have access to more than one trait in their trait pool. As not all traits are created, the more potent or impactful ones have a lesser change on appearance when you capture a Coromon. As such, it can take some finesse to capture a Coromon with a good potential, and their most impactful trait.

Hountrion’s in-game sprite.

We’re going to use Hountrion as an example here.

Hountrion has access to three different potentail traits, but the chances of rolling each trait are not equal. Hountrion has access to the traits:

  • Menacing
  • Coward
  • Brave

Assuming that the Hountrion rolls with a trait at all, the probability of each of its traits is represented by a number from 70.

Menacing has a probability of 20.
Coward has a probability of 25.
Brave has a probability of 25.

With our total probability filling the values up to the seventy limit, we can easily work out these values as percentages instead, meaning:

Menacing has a probability of 28.58%
Coward has a probability of 35.71%
Brave has a probability of 35.71%

So, if you’ve got a Hountrion that you’re happy with the potential of, assuming that the Hountrion will roll with a trait at all, you have a 28.58% chance of rolling with Menacing, if that is the trait that you’re specifically looking for. If not, try again and good luck!

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