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Coromon’s world is alive, and as such the region of Velua is subject to some pretty dramatic weather effects. These weather effects will only change the landscape that you’re battling with your Coromon, but each different weather effect will enable and disable certain battle elements.

Today we’re going to have a look at each weather effect that is currently in the game, where you’re likely to run into each type of weather, and what advantages and disadvantages that will be present when fighting in each type of climate.

There are currently four different types on weather effects:


The first weather effect that we’re going to look at is Snow. When it is Snowing, each Coromon that is not of the Ice Type will have a 20% to be inflicted with Freeze each turn.

Frozen Coromon are unable to take any action until they are either thawed by change, or the use of an item. Furthermore, frozen Coromon have their defense and special-defense reduced.

Additionally, Ice-Type moves have their damage increased by a whopping 50% percent!


The second weather effects we’re going to take a look at is the Sandstorm. It probably doesn’t take too much figuring out that you’re going to run into this weather affect in the more arid parts of Velua.

During a sandstorm, all Coromon not of the Sand-Type will take 10 points of damage to their health each turn the weather effect is active. Additionally, the power of Sand-Type attacks is boosted by 50% percent!


Twilight is the third weather effect that we’re going to look at, and it’s going to feel quite unique to the genre. The effect is common in places of Velua that are cased in shadow by their geography, such as caves including the Thunderous Cave.

The battlefield that you and your opponents Coromon do battle in becomes shrouded in darkness, and all Coromon that are not of the Ghost-Type will have their accuracy penalized by 10% percent.


The last weather type currently in the game is going to feel pretty familiar, because it’s the rain! Rain occurs naturally in battlefields that are prone to humidity, such as Donar Island.

Whilst the rain weather effect is active, the damage dealt by Fire-Type attacks is reduced by 50% percent, and all Coromon cannot be burnt whilst the rain is active.

Additionally, the power of Water-Type moves is increased by a huge 50% percent!

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