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Starters are the monsters that you will grow most familiar with in most monster-capture type games, and as such it is important to choose one that you’ll be happy with travelling alongside for the vast majority, if not all of, the game. So, today we’re going to have a look over the start options that you have for Coromon, so that you can make an informed decision as to what little critter you want to start your adventure off with.

Prof. Nelson

When entering the Coromon laboratory and progressing through the early stages of the story, the player will come across the NPC ‘Professor Nelson’. If you’re looking for a comparison, Nelson will serve the function of Elm or Oak in early Pokemon games. In which he will introduce the player to basic game mechanics such as typing, and walk the player through their starter option choices for Coromon.

Once the player has been sufficiently poked and prodded at the laboratory, Nelson will introduce the starter Coromon:

  • Toruga
  • Nibblegar
  • Cubzero


Cubzero is your first option for a starter. It probably doesn’t take too much figuring out the Cubzero is an ice-type Coromon.

Cubzero’s stats are pretty well rounded, with the highest attack stat of the three starters. It also has a pretty decent special defence stat also. If you want someone to take special attacks, and deal out big damage in return, the consider taking Cubzero as your starter.

The inverse of these is that Cubzero doesn’t have a fantastic special attack or speed stat, so if you’re looking at using special moves, or you want to go first in combat, then perhaps steer clear.


Second Stage – Aroara

Third Stage – Bearealis


Sharp Claws – Its claws are so sharp that lowering its Attack is impossible.
Clumsy Power – Increase the Power of its attacks by 25%, but reduce Accuracy by 10%.


Toruga is your second option for a start, and if the colour scheme doesn’t give the little critter away, this is your option for a fire starter.

Torgua will suit your preference if you’re looking for Coromon that can dish out high amounts of damage with special attacks, because that is where Toruga shines best. He’s fast with a fantastic speed stat, and can put on the hurt too.

The drawback of this playstyle is that the little fire-turtle dude can be quite frail. He doesn’t have an outstanding HP stat, and neither of his defenses are spectacular.


Second Stage – Embaval

Third Stage – Volcadon


Vegetarian – The Coromon restores 20% HP when consuming Fruit.
Thick Skin – Its thick skin makes the Coromon immune to critical hits.


This cheeky little guy is your option for a water-type start in Coromon. Nibblegar is your final option for starts presented to the player in the Coromon laboratory.

If you’re wondering what Nibblegar will excel at statistically, he’s a bulky little dude. His health stat is on par with Cubzero, tied for the highest among the three. But where he shines is both in physical and special defense.

The cost of this is that Nibblegar has the lowest of the attack and special attacks compared to your other starter options, but he’ll be around the longest!


Second Stage – Sheartooth

Third Stage – Megalobite


Supersensory – The Coromon raises its most proficient stat when one of its stats are lowered.
Fully Rested – When a Coromon has full HP, any damage is reduced by 40%.

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