Dreamscaper – Early Release Date August 5th!

Dreamscaper is leaving early access soon, and actually sooner than first anticipated. Some games run into issues along the way with development, or fan backlash to impressions of the early access content. We’re excited to say that is bucking this trend completely, and that the game will be launching a full week earlier than first anticipated – now on August 5th!

The game will be launching on both Steam, where players could have played the game early, and also on the Nintendo Switch. So, if you liked what you saw in early access, but want to play the game on the go, like the hallway man from the recent Switch press conference, then fear not! You’ll be able to take you Dreamscaper runs with you wherever you go!

The game has already garnered the attention of the gaming media at large, with sites like IGN labeling it a must-try for any fan of Hades. It’s also received some heavy endorsements from indie-game sites like Indie World. What’s clear from these endorsements is that the game is polished, and plays exactly like you would expect from the rogue-lite genre. It’s polished, the dream/wake cycle brings something fresh to the genre, and the buzz is general is quite positive from what we’ve seen from media outlets thus far.

The focus from the developer on launching the full edition 1.0 Dreamscaper experience, was to round out any gaps that were in early access in regards to the games content or story, and add plenty of replay-ability. I’ve put emphasis on these for a key reason, and that is to encourage those who think that they’ve had their time with the game already, and don’t need to revisit it on launch, to give the game a boot when August 5th rolls around, to get the full Dreamscaper experience. You will more than likely find yourself hooked all over again.

And, if you’ve been eyeing the game off but wanted to wait until it was finished to not tarnish your experience or expectations for the game, well you don’t have long to wait now, so make sure you’re keeping an eye out on the Steam store page, and Nintendo E-Shop also.

If you don’t want some of those new additions to the full release spoiled for you, before you get to play, I suggest turning back now, because I’m going to go over a few of them there. So, as a courtesy to our followship, I’m giving you a warning that there will be spoilers for how the game ends up, from hereon in.

The first of these exciting new additions is the acknowledgement from the developer that their audience will likely be extremely good at the game come launch, because of the availability of the early access build. So, to answer this, and to encourage players to return, or to entice those that love a challenge, they’re adding what they call the ‘Dream Intensity’ options to each run. Fancy name aside, it’s essentially a way for the player to tailor their runs to just how difficult and challenging they want their experience to be.

The ‘Dream Intensity’ options screen.

If you want to know how those meters rate when it comes to actually adding replay-ability and challenge, you’ll have to wait for our comprehensive review, which will be out shortly after the game launches, so keen an eye out! But, even having the option is a good start, we must say.

Just one of the many new enemies – The Assassin!

The second big addition for the launch of 1.0 is a new biome. Players that progressed quite deep into the early access version of the game would have noticed that the last two areas of the game were quite (perhaps too) similar. This part of the game has been re-done and revamped for a fresh experience, with the last level being updated to it’s own biome entitled ‘The Return’. Want to know what that looks like? Whelp, you’re going to need to dive deep into Dreamscaper in August!

The next exciting part of the game, and perhaps one of the most impact, is the plethora of new enemies and bosses. With the full launch of the game, there will be a bunch of new baddies added including bosses, mobs, boss variants, boss mechanics, and different endings based on the conditions you defeat enemies under!

The game also looks a lot crisper from what we’ve seen of the full release press kit thus far, with the entirety of the HUD being replaced with a much more refined and easy on the eye version. We’ve got more languages in there as well, making the game much more accessible to those who have tread water on purchasing the steam version through early access. Some new Steam achievements for those of you who like to collect and horde those, along with some new music tracks and a huge collection of quality of life fixes and additions.

All in all in makes for a game that we’re extremely excited to get our hands on. We’ll be playing it non-stop from the launch date to bring you all the best guides, content, reviews, how-to videos, you know all that good stuff that you have come to expect from MGN. For now, make sure you’re keeping an eye out on the game, and make sure to check it out on steam if you haven’t already, and throw it on your wishlist for August 5th.


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