Armor Runes, how do they work!? – Sands of Aura

Sands of Aura features a number of options to augment your character and enable you to role-play to your play-style and combat preferences, and Armor Runes are another example of how this is achieved in-game. They are, as the name suggests, slotted into your armor to give that equipment, and your character overall, specific augments that will help you defeat the scourge in Talamhel.

Gif sull'equipaggiamento in Sands of Aura

Today, we’re going to have a quick look over the Armor Runes and what augments they will provide, where they can be slotted, and their various levels of empowerment. Yep, you read that correctly. Not all Armor Runes are created equal. You will find varying power levels of each rune as you quest through Sands of Aura, so it’s key to know which rune is the most potent choice for you and your specific play-style.

There are currently, as of patch 0.01.06, seven different armor runes. Five of these runes come in only two different power levels, but two of these have a third level of power that can drop! The runes are differentiated by tiers of:

Tier One – All Seven Runes

Tier Four – All Seven Runes

Tier Eight – Two Runes!

1 – Armour: Increases Armour by

Tier One – 2.3%

Tier Four – 4.6%

2 – Armour Penetration: Increases Armour Penetration by

Tier One – 0.6%

Tier Four – 1.2%

3 – Critical: Increases Critical damage by

Tier One – 4.5%

Tier Four – 9.5%

4 – Special Attack: Increases Special Attack damage by

Tier One – 4.5%

Tier Four – 9.5%

5 – Spellblade: Increases Spellblade damage by

Tier One – 4.5%

Tier Four – 9.5%

6 – Haste: Increases Haste by

Tier One – 0.35%

Tier Four – 0.70%

Tier Eight – 1.05%

7 – Health: Increases Health by

Tier One – 1.05%

Tier Four – 4.60%

Tier Eight – 7.00%

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