Sands of Aura – Elemental Gems!

There is very little more satisfying than harnessing the power of the elements to bring down your foes. Whether it be setting them alight or freezing them in place, becoming an elemental archon and conduit feels satisfying in just about every video game where these elements are in place.

Thankfully, the combat in Sands of Aura is no exception to this rule. You can deal devastating elemental attacks by augmenting your equipment with various runes that will dramatically alter how your character performs and what their abilities will do when activated. Today, we’re going to look over some of the early Gem stones that you’re going to encounter during your first few hours with Sands of Aura and what impact they will have on your gameplay.

How do you get these gems? Whelp, they’re lootable! Explore dungeons, defeat foes, open chests and you’ll be rewarded with both the equipment that has slots for these gems and the augmenting elemental gems themselves!

So, keep an eye out whilst you’re adventuring and throwing things into your inventory for these items, referred to as ‘Spellblade Gems‘, and you’ll be on your way to conquering the elements.

The gems that you’ll run into within your first few hours of playing Sands of Aura will include:

Fire Spellblade Gem

Applying the Fire Spellblade Gem will imbue your character with the following augmentations:

ATTACK: Burning Blade
Extends the attack range of your swings by 1.5x, and enemies hit will be affected by burn damage of 5.352 each second for ten seconds.

DODGE: Fire Wall
Dodging now leaves behind a wall of fire that lasts for six seconds, and will deal 5.352 damage per tick to those affected.

BLOCK: Scorch Earth
After successfully blocking an attack, a burst of flame will spread out from your character dealing 7.805 damage.

It is important to remember that these damage values are based on the level one variant of the gem and that higher level and rarer gems will give even more powerful results!

Lightning Spellblade Gem

Applying the Lightning Spellblade Gem will imbue your character with the following augmentations:

Your attack will immobilize enemies that are hit for five seconds, and cause them to take 22% more damage from follow-up attacks, but only for the next attack.

DODGE: Ball Lightning
Dodging will now teleport your character, and phasing through enemies will deal 19.479 to all those hit during the dodge.

BLOCK: Chain Lightning
Successfully blocking an attack will produce an energy ball that deals 22.138 damage and the ball will then attempt to bounce to four nearby targets.

Frost Spellblade Gem

Applying the Frost Spellblade Gem will imbue your character with the following augmentations:

ATTACK: Frostburn
Enemies hit are slowed for two seconds and afflicted with a debuff that causes them to deal 11% less damage. (As good as it sounds!)

DODGE: Chill Step
Dodging will cause your character to leave behind a trail of ice that lasts for 2.89 seconds, slowing your enemies that come in contact.

BLOCK: Encase
You will no longer be staggered or stunned while blocking attacks.

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We’re loving the Ice Spellblade Gem thus far, and how much sustainability it brings to your character in Sands of Aura. Do you have a favourite? Make sure to leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you on the blog, our YouTube channel of course, the new MGN twitter @MGN_TV, and our Discord.


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