Symphony Of War – Firearms Class Guide

In order to become one of the Firearms Classes in Symphony Of War: The Nephilim Saga, you need to acquire the Gunsmithing technology. There is no real class path or tree becoming of the three Gunsmithing classes – Gunner, Siege Cannon, or Dragoon (note: Dragoon requires Cavalry experience). Anyone can become a Siege Cannon or a Gunner, though they have to be a master of their tier 2 class.


The Gunner requires Pyrocite (like all firearms classes). The first thing you will notice is the weapon power is massive. They do huge damage, however the amount of damage inflicted now revolves around the power of the gun vs. the strength stat like other attack classes.

Firearms also bypass almost all Armour (75% to be exact), something you want to keep in mind… Massing up gunners is an effective way to melt enemies. Also, keep an eye out for the “breech loading” technology as this will ensure that weather doesn’t mess with your ability to load your weapons.


Only the Cavalry can become a Dragoon, as you need to know how to ride a horse in order to become this class. This is quite possibly the highest tech unit in the game. The Dragoon is a mobile unit, has the exact same attack power as the Gunner class has, and if you get the “Advanced Mobile Warfare” technology this unit DISHES out the damage. Add in Musketeering and he can attack twice on offence. Scary damage. All that said, they are vulnerable on defence.

Siege Cannon

The Siege Cannon costs a horse, 3 iron, and some Pyrocite – the horse because Siege weapons traditionally required a horse to pull them. Siege Cannon’s do not counter attack, so keep that in mind. That said, this unit has absolutely massive destructive power and can attack from 2 tiles away – 3 tiles with upgrades. Better yet, they have splash damage – and that can cause chaos as you can imagine. These units hurt, especially because they ignore 75% of enemies armour.

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