Symphony Of War – Support Class Guide

Support Class Archetypes


The Medic is the base support class in Symphony Of War: The Nephilim Saga. She is vulnerable to enemy attack (obviously) and she does not attack. She can perform a single heal per turn within her squad. She can do that each time you get attacked in the same phase, though each heal gets successively weaker (i.e. the first one does the most).

All that said, it is difficult to overstate how important it is to have support troops amongst your ranks. It is essential in this game. Even if you have a powerful squad, you will still take a beating, and in the higher difficult levels you have perma-death.


This is the first support class you can upgrade too. The Priestess is basically a medic with much, much better stats. She has increased survivability due to better stats and she can heal much better than the base medic.


The second support class is the Templar. The Priestess takes one gem, however the Templar requires one gem and one Sunstone. The Templar gets a big armor increase, with a much stronger heal. The Templar also heals twice in a battle, but not this guy. He’s the real deal.


The Valkyrie is Heavy cavalry (vs. support). You can become a Valkyrie from both the Priestess and The Hospitaller classe – and she does gets a heal in addition to her attack. She is an awesome unit, and does some real work.


This is a mobile cavalry healer, having the ability to provide healing in and outside of battle. The Hospitaller is very similar to the Priestess, but has better mobility and costs a horse.

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