Symphony Of War: The Nephilim Saga – Dragon Class Tutorial

Dragon Class Archetype

The dragon class archetype in Symphony Of War: The Nephilim Saga is considerably different from the human units – mainly because they don’t have equipment. They go in with what their Dragon mommy gave them – talons, claws, big nasty maws, and fire. Lots of fire. Dragons naturally mature over time, starting out as Drakelings, and finally turning into the fire breathing dragons we all know so well! Do note that you can find mature dragons in the game, but it is considerably less common than finding a young Drakeling.


Dragons attack twice per turn, they are very tanky, and their breath attack is pretty much the same as a mage attack. Imagine a tanky mage if you will. When the CP bar on the Drakeling is full, you can upgrade (promote) to an adult Dragon. When you do this, you gain the Colossal trait – you can not dodge attacks, and your attack deals increased morale damage.

3 Types Of Dragons

When you promote your dragon, there are 3 types you can choose from. The first is a Red Dragon – they do the most offensive damage, but they have no status effects. The HP and armour are not as high as other dragons, though they hit real hard.

The Blue Dragon is a balanced dragon. He gets a lightning breath attack than inflicts a shock (stun) attack. The defensively oriented dragon is the Silver Dragon, which has an ice breath and can inflict slow. His HP and Armour is the highest of all the dragons.

Flying Unit!

As we all know, Dragons can fly, and once you have enough skill and experience, you can unlock the Dragon Rider Class. This allows you to not worry about terrain at all. Dragon riding is a late game tech, but eventually you will get to Dragon Bond – becoming a Dragon Rider. Dragon Riders can also lead a squad, which is pretty amazing. You have to have the tech and the fancy equipment to make it happen, but it is totally worth it.

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