Symphony of War Tutorials: Light Infantry and Light Cavalry

Light Infantry and Light Cavalry


This is our basic tier 2 light infantry. Light troops excel in rough terrain, (hills, swamps, etc). Light infantry can’t stand toe-to-toe with heavy infantry in open terrain. But in rough terrain, they have a much higher ability to evade attacks as well as perform ambushes on your enemy.

Light infantry also has blocking mechanics, although it is about half the strength of heavy infantry. Light squads are hard to hit when in rough terrain – and often when they are hit, it is a glancing blow (less than full damage).


The skirmisher naturally can evolve into a Ranger – a versatile class that can ambush and, on his first turn, can fire a precision bolt that can anywhere. This is an incredibly useful skill as you can pick off a weaker class (perhaps a healer), quite easily. Armor, weapons, strength, HP, all go up dramatically when you upgrade to the Ranger.


The Rogue is not as beefy as the skirmisher and the ranger, but it does have a stealth attack mechanic. When you are on attack, they can attack anyone they want (usually the back row), and the stealth attack gets a higher bonus damage / crit rating. Massive weapon power but they are quite squishy. Watch out for them, and consider attacking them first!


Light Cavalry in nature, they have ambush abilities, along with very high movement. They can also move even after attacking – a very useful skill! They have the ability to charge as well, they are awesome! That said, they are not very strong and durable, but they are great at capturing objectives as well as doing flank attacks that require a lot of movement.


The Hussar has a big bonus against enemy Cavalry. That said, the Hussar beats a Knight in one on one combat due to their bonuses.


This unit is not tanky at all. They have some of the highest evade rates in the game though, along with all the bonuses. The Swordfighter can then turn into the Swordmaster, and this class is the real deal. They do two attacks per turn but they also have high evasion, good armour, and are really OP. Get a few of these if you can!

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