To The Rescue! – Mastering the Leash Control

Shifting to engage in leash mode will enable you to control the wild and personality-filled doggos found within To The Rescue!. Mastering the leash control will mean more efficient control over your inhabitants, whether they need to be placed inside a kennel, taken to a bath, or led around to show off and keep you company!

Don’t forget you can control more than one dog at a time with your leash mode enabled!

Holding down the left shift button will enable “Leash Mode” and you will be able to tell that your character is ready to control the dogs when your character holds up a little leash on-screen once you press the button. With that done, you can move to any of your sheltered pups and wait for the yellow arrow prompt to hover over the dog that you wish to enable leash mode and connect the highlighted dog to your character.

With that done, you can lead the dog to any of the facilities within the shelter and beyond. Need to give them a scrub-up? Lead them to the bathing facilities, wait for the yellow icon to highlight the bathing suite, and leash them in there with your left click.

Want to be the most productive you can be with your doggo control? Well, you aren’t limited to a single dog at a time. Say you need to move two dogs from one kennel to another, you can just grab both by holding down your shift key, wait for the yellow icon to highlight the dog you want, left click to grab them, and then repeat to leash a second dog!

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