Weapons, Deal Some Damage! – Sands of Aura

Weapons work twofold in Sands of Aura. They are both the main source of your damage output and arguably the most fun part of the game. Dealing damage, weaving in combos with Spellblades, and special attacks are where the vast majority of the satisfaction is found in playing Sands. There is also plenty of variety in the weapons as well, with literally thousands upon thousands of different combinations available through the weapon forge. You can combine different materials to create weird and wonderful results, check out our forge guide here for some examples!

Today, we’re going to have a look at achieving a specific weapons style and type based on the loot that you’ve acquired, in combination with your personal preferences. The role-playing is deep in Sands of Aura and if you like a particular type of weapon say, axes over swords or maces, then you’re not locked into a particular style. Actually, there is a style for each and every different weapon type and that’s what we’re looking over today!


1-Handed Slashing Style Axe: Hatchet

2-Handed Slashing Style Axe: Halberd

1-Handed Stabbing Style Axe: Kukri

2-Handed Stabbing Style Axe: Pike

Dual Wield Style Axe: Battle Axes

Glaive Style Axe: Bardiche


1-Handed Slashing Style Sword: Saber

2-Handed Slashing Style Sword: Odachi

1-Handed Stabbing Style Sword: Rapier

2-Handed Stabbing Style Sword: Yari

Dual Wield Style Sword: Scimitars

Glaive Style Sword: Naginata


1-Handed Slashing Style Mace: Mallet

2-Handed Slashing Style Mace: Warhammer

1-Handed Stabbing Style Mace: Bludgeon

2-Handed Stabbing Style Mace: Kanabo

Dual Wield Style Mace: Tonfas

Glaive Style Mace: Maul


1-Handed Slashing Style Greatsword: Bastard

2-Handed Slashing Style Greatsword: Zweihander

1-Handed Stabbing Style Greatsword: Svardstav

2-Handed Stabbing Style Greatsword: Lance

Dual Wield Style Greatsword: Khopshi

Glaive Style Greatsword: Fanblade


1-Handed Slashing Style Dagger: Tanto

2-Handed Slashing Style Dagger: Falx

1-Handed Stabbing Style Dagger: Dirk

2-Handed Stabbing Style Dagger: Spear

Dual Wield Style Dagger: Sais

Glaive Style Dagger: Cleaver

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